Fun & Quick Easter Craft

Spring is one of the most anticipated times of year?especially if you live in a colder climate. The winter snow has melted away and cherry blossoms are blooming on that backyard tree. It?s time to brighten up your house with the signs of Easter! Whenever you?re in need for an instant craft, always look to the brown paper bag. These bags are dirt cheap and have several uses ranging from decorative lanterns to holiday centerpieces. Grab the kids and get ready for a fun and crafty afternoon.

With holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, decorating for Easter seems to get overlooked. If you want to spruce up your Easter collection, a good place to start is with Easter Bunny Sacks. Finding online instructions, the only things you will need to purchase are the sacks, tracing paper and whatever painting colors you desire. Having a good supply of some basic paint colors will allow you to mix and create a broad range of other colors.

Accessing an online crafting website, print off an Easter Bunny template designated for this particular project. Carefully place your tracing paper right on top and copy the full design. After you are completed with the tracing process, it?s time to mix up your paints. There should be instructions online for what paint colors would look best with the project, but ultimately the decision is yours! Use your favorite Easter colors and watch the Easter Bunny Sacks come to life.

After the bags have dried, stuff them with brightly colored Easter paper. You now have a beautiful and unique gift bag, or a household decoration. If you?d like, forget the tissue paper and use them as lantern bags to illuminate the front porch. You can even loan these fabulous little sacks to the Easter Bunny for his annual ?delivery.? Whatever you decide, you now have a fun and quick Easter Bunny template to look forward to every spring!