A Church Banner Pattern Generally Uses Tassels

A church banner pattern can include information on how to make tassels in various lengths and sizes. Here are a few suggestions that might not be part of the pattern instructions. I hope these tips make the process easier for you. It isn’t difficult, when you get the feel of it.

Picking a Tool: Lots of ladies devise their own tassel tool. One could take a piece of cardboard cut to the shape which is wanted. An empty cereal box or comparable package will work well. Heavy cardboard is harder to cut. And, it is always good to be able to recycle what would be discarded for a new purpose.
The tassel length one wants to make should be recorded in the pattern. This is something that is frequently optional. If one likes a longer tassel, you can alter the length to the desired length. Some crafters construct delightful tassel angels to hang along the bottom edge of their Christmas banners. Which could be something you would really like.

When one has numerous church banner patterns or you expect to make tassels frequently; one can purchase a special tassel tool. These tools are adjustable in size, permitting you to make lengths varying from 4″ to 6″. Directions for using are included with the tool.

How to Make Tassels With a Cardboard Pattern: If you elect to cut out your own cardboard pattern, you will need to cut 1 large slot close to the place the top of the tassel will be. You’ll use this slot for tying the final cords that hold the individual pieces of yarn, ribbon or linen together. You simply wrap the cord that you picked from the top edge of the cardboard to the bottom multiple times until one has the thickness you need. There are videos online which explain how to do the handwork.

Selecting the Material: Penguin cotton, Connemara linen or viscose yarn works well when one is first learning how to make tassels. Metallic yarns reflect the light and look quite nice when done, but they can be challenging to sew with. If one decides to use metallic yarn, get one which is softer or less crisp. One needs one that can drape well. One does not have to choose one which is specifically recommended for tassel or braid-making. Sometimes the recommended ones for those purposes are more expensive than other kinds which will work quite well for a banner pattern.

Ways to Make Tassels Multi-Colored: One can use any number of colors within a tassel. When one wants a touch of glittery metallic, but one doesn’t need to overdo it, one may wrap two or three strands of the color you desire while you are working. Don’t be afraid to try out new things with the banner pattern one selects. You could create something quite unique.