3 Must Shop For Items in Delhi

Apart from being the capital of the country, Delhi is considered to be one of the best places to shop. Apart from the modern luxury items available today, the city also boasts of some brilliant work of art, handicraft and various other traditional products from all over the country. The gamut of products available in the city makes you feel that you’ve bought every part of India.

If you are a visitor to Delhi and would like to take back some memorabilia, then you can find an array of products at any of the shopping bazaars or in any of the centres. Usually these bazaars sell their products at a discounted price. There are several items that every tourist from other countries as well as other parts of India should buy when they visit the city. These are items that have been made by artisans and passed on through generations. If you are worried about the bulkiness of them, then do not worry, because you could get some brilliant work of art that is not heavy and is easy to carry back to your destination.

Pashmina Shawls: Considered to be the best among shawls, this is made out of Pashm wool, that’s got from the pashima goat. These goats are only found on the Himalaya Mountains and their wool is hand woven and embroidered with cashmere. These shawls are quite highly priced, but you can be assured that the colour and texture associated with these shawls will want you take one back home as soon as you lay your eyes on it. Rather than visiting Kashmir to buy these shawls, you could get best deals on them at places like Dilli Haat or Janpath.

Tibetan Handicraft- If you are a fan of art and craft then a must buy are the Tibetan Handicrafts available. Tibetan Handicraft exhibits a wide range of products right from rugs, hand made paper, bowls, statues and idols, incense sticks, gold and silver wares and colourful Tibetan shawls. The reason for the availability of Tibetan handicraft in Delhi is because they left their country during the turmoil and settled down in various parts of India. They have some beautiful handicrafts to choose from which are light and easy to carry. These handicrafts are easily available in Janpath or the ever popular Tibetan Market that’s off Connaught Place.
Ayurvedic medicine/food: Ayurvedic has been treating people in India since centuries. Ayurvedic has been popular and in use even before the discovery of conventional medicine. In fact, it is believed that ayurvedic medicine can also be a cure for serious and contagious ailments like cancer and blood pressure. Although it is famous in states like Kerala, this medicine can be available at the Khan Market. Apart from medicine, you could even lay your hands on food and skin care items.

These are just few of the items that you should buy while you visit Delhi. These rare artefacts may not be available in other parts of the world, and even if you do, rest assured you could be paying a heavy price. So if you are interested in buying the best products at the latest offers then do remember to visit the above mentioned markets in Delhi.